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Project News


  • Student housing

    Type: flexible student housing
    Location: large student city

    Kantersgroep together with Sarda Building systems is working on a...

  • Dirksland

    Type: Zero energy villa
    Location: Dirksland, the Netherlands
    Start construction: first quarter 2014

  • Caaguazu

    Type: a new city for 60.000 inhabitants.
    Location: CaaguazĂș, Paraguay
    Start construction: 2014


  • Marocco

    Type: Variation of recidences
    Location: Marocco

    With North African countries, especially Morocco in mind Sarda designed a set of residences suited...

  • North Africa

    Type: Variation of recidences
    Location: North Africa

    With North African countries, especially Morocco in mind Sarda designed a...

  • South Africa

    Type: Variation of recidences
    Location: South-Africa

    Sarda has contributed to the development of an innovative residential project in...



Sarda develops and builds innovative and sustainable houses, business premisis and industrial buildings. Not only domestically, but worldwide. It is our belief that it is possible to make the highest difference in the areas where the housing shortage is the highest, even in developing countries.

Each country has its own culture and climate. We therefore build homes that are sustainable and that meet comfort needs of our modern lifestyles. Our buildings are earthquake and hurricane resistant. We provide homes that are affordable and built by the local artisans.

How do we do that? We make a plan of an urban area, and supply three licensed and patented building systems. This allows a local builder or developer to directly execute the development plan. This is faster than traditional and conventional methods. Through the simple stacking of the Sarda blocks, the construction time will be shortened compared to traditional building. This not only applies to homes, but also to the construction of shops, offices, commercial buildings, schools, places of worship and hospitals.

We have expanded our building systems with some systems in the field of insulated cladding and -wall reinforcement.

We invite you to familiarise yourself with our high quality building systems.